Sisilya Fransisca

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My name is Sisilya Fransisca. My friends usually call me Sisil. I’m the second child in a family of 2. I have an older brother. He is in a university now. Sometimes we like to play and spend our time together. I’m sixteen going on seventeen and have spent my whole seventeen years in my lovely city, Pontianak.

I love doing something different, fun, and new. I’m a kind of sensitive person and also a kind of person that can’t make friends easily with other new people. My friends at school often thought me as a quiet person. But, actually if I am with my close friends or other people that I know well, I can talk well with them.

This page will tell you about me in a nutshell, however these all really do represent the whole me. I do have some of my social medias stated here, so it’ll be so much fun if we can all be connected and do some sharing! Let’s be friend, guys. So, check it out here!

Name : Sisilya Fransisca

Birth date : June 3rd

Birth place : Pontianak City, WestBorneo, Indonesia

Education : TK Karya Yosef – SD Karya Yosef – SMP Santu Petrus – SMA Santu Petrus

Lets Connect!
Things i do like:
  • Watching.

I really like spending my spare time sitting in front of my laptop to watch films or movies. But, overall what I like to watch is about Korean drama or Korean programs.

  • Reading

Novel, that’s what I like to read. Is it the same with you?? The novel stories that I like the most are romance and mystery.

  • Listen to music

Music is my soul. Yeah, I bet I can’t live without it. I like to listen to English songs and Korean songs.

So thanks for visiting our food blog. I hope those information will help you guys in many ways and please keep supporting us in our next blog someday… :))