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My name is Juliana. I’m just an ordinary girl who loves music and films. I’m the second child in a family of 4. I’m sixteen going on seventeen and have spent my whole seventeen years in my lovely city, Pontianak.

I love doing something different, fun, and new. I’m such a moody person that my mood can be changed in a second. On the other hand, i have a great sense of humor and fun to be with (if you know me well). I also like something simple and casual better than complicated stuffs.

This page will tell you about me in a nutshell, however these all really do represent the whole me. I do have some of my social medias stated here, so it’ll be so much fun if we can all be connected with and do some sharing! So, check it out !

Name : Juliana

Birth date : June 25th

Birth place : Pontianak City, WestBorneo, Indonesia

Education : TK Karya Yosef – SD Karya Yosef – SMP Santu Petrus – SMA Santu Petrus

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