Guide to Professional Food Photography

There are dozens of various photography genres and we have already posted guides on many of them, but still we didn’t write anything about making awesome photos of food. And lately it has managed to become, though a lot of it may be due to omnipresent Instagram, a really important style in the photography world.

Arm yourself with enough power of will so that you don’t devour your screen and keep on reading in order to find the best tips on how to make photos that can be proudly called foodporn.

Use rule of thirds


Sticking to the rule of thirds is essential not only when you are engaged in food photography, but in any other photography genre too. Be sure to use it when necessary and you’ll see that it’ll pay you back.

Always place odd numbers of everything


This advice may sound a bit weird at first, but it really works. When you place an odd number of this or that thing on the plate, it looks much better than if you place an even number. Try it out!

Use at least three colors


One of the most important rules in cooking and food presentation tells you that a dish needs to have at least three different colors—like yellow, red, and green—in order to look appealing to the eye and palate.

Don’t overdo with decorating


Decorating the plate and the table with small foodstuffs is nice, but try to always keep it simple and not to overwork it. A picture of food laden with decorations will not manage to attract the viewer’s attention because the subject, which is the dish, will be lost in a crowded shot.

Use natural lighting and natural backgrounds


The most crucial thing that you will need to achieve when it comes to making photos of food that you literally want to eat is making it look natural and home-like. And that can be done only if you use natural lighting.

Try to shoot only during the day and make sure to use soft artificial light if you have to. Also, using surfaces made of wood, textured fabrics, and stone is really good.

Fewer close-ups, more down-shots


Shooting food can be tricky sometimes. And close-up photos of food tend to turn out worse than down-shots. The dish may not have the right texture or color for the close-up, whilst down-shots make it possible to look at the dish as if you were about to eat it at home or in a restaurant.

Break the rules of composition


This tip is well-known in the photographer’s community, but it’s the food photography where it works better than ever.

Attention to detail is everything


Any small detail may be worth its weight in gold in food photography because the taste of food directly depends on its look and the way it’s presented. Shoot it tasty!

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